Welcome to Sin City. Here, cocktails aren’t limited to 5 o’clock, legendary entertainment is always on the agenda, and celebrations never require special occasions. Of course, if you want to experience it all to the fullest, you’ve got to have a secret weapon — and no, we’re not talking about that smartphone in your pocket.

Meet Angela Cooper, Chef Concierge at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. With countless years in the hospitality industry and almost 14 years spent in Las Vegas alone, Angela is no stranger to Sin City’s tourists and the unique wants and needs that come with them. Whether it’s scoring tickets to a sold-out show, getting a reservation at the hottest new restaurant on The Strip the night of, or hiring celebrity impersonators to simply walk guests to their room, there’s nothing Angela and her team of 30 concierge won’t do to enhance a stay in the City of Lights. But that’s just the easy stuff.   

“In Vegas, crazy is the normal, so it’s really hard to surprise us,” Angela shares while recalling the time her team had to rent a real-life monkey in a sombrero to check-in a group for a bachelor party. They’ve even had to track down an elephant to accompany a bride and groom at their wedding (not a common request by any measure).

And the word “no” is rarely – if ever – used.

“We’re in the ‘yes’ business. We’ll always find a way to make guests happy, even if it’s finding another solution to accommodate their requests. That’s part of the job,” Angela says.

As if her experience, connections and thousands of satisfied guests doesn’t say enough, Angela’s crossed gold keys symbolizing her membership to Les Clefs d’Or – a national organization for the highest level of concierge in the world – should reassure patrons their requests are in the right hands. As a member of the prestigious group along with nine other concierge at the luxury Las Vegas hotel – the second most Les Clefs d’Or concierge in the city – Angela and her team have access to a worldwide network of elite concierge across the globe.

“If I have a guest heading to Paris, I am able to contact a concierge there to ensure the guests’ needs and expectations will be met upon their arrival,” Angela says. “I am basically providing a warm handoff anywhere in the world.”  

Unique experiences and international connections aren’t the only reason to call on a concierge. In a city as dynamic and fast-paced as Las Vegas, it’s important to have an insider’s perspective you can count on.

“Vegas is constantly reinventing itself, so we have to stay on our toes,” Angela admits. “A concierge is your feet on the ground. We go to the new shows; we dine at the restaurants; we take the tours; we ask the questions we know guests are going to ask. We also make it a point to get facetime with the important people and build a relationship so when we need a task accomplished for a guest, we’re not calling a main line, we’re connecting directly with managers and executive chefs.”

It’s that level of personal service that keeps concierge in demand despite all the websites and apps that are so easily accessible for travelers today. It’s also what keeps guests coming back to The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, because they know they can discover an entirely new experience in the city, paired with the hotel’s same level of elite service, no matter how many times they’ve stepped foot in the impressive lobby.

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