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Ten Things You May Not Know About St. Croix

Posted on Jan 20, 2016

Explore a list of interesting St. Croix facts to discover what makes this U.S. Virgin Island unique. From its Dutch heritage to its staple yellow-painted buildings, this Caribbean island has so much to offer. Get ready for your vacation to St. Croix with Vacations by Marriott.

1. St Croix, along with St. John and St. Thomas (the three make up the United States Virgin Islands), were purchased by the United States from the Danish government in 1917.

2. The three main industries of St. Croix are tourism, agriculture and oil refinery.

3. Nation Basketball Association player Tim Duncan of the San Antonio Spurs was born in Christiansted, a town in St. Croix.

4. Christiansted is one of two main towns in St. Croix, and is well-known for its many historic yellow-painted buildings. It was named for King Christian of Denmark, an ode its Danish origin.

5. The island is just 22 miles in length and 7 miles wide.

6. Windmills, factories and plantation ruins that once grew sugar, tobacco and other agricultural products dot the island and remind locals and visitors alike what once existed.

7. One of the most popular attractions in St. Croix is “Diving the Wall.” The wall, a ledge surrounding the island’s north shore, drops more than 13,000 feet and is topped by the largest living reef of any Caribbean island, making it a great place to snorkel and deep dive.

8. Well-known rum producer Cruzan Rum is located in St. Croix. Their distillery was founded here in 1760.

9. One of the Founding Fathers of the United States and chief staff aide to General George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, spent some years growing up on St. Croix.

10. Christopher Columbus named the island Santa Cruz, which means Holy Cross.