Check out the packages we have available for Aruba vacations, and read through our tips about the island in preparation for your trip!

1. While Summer/Fall hurricanes can be a real concern for some Caribbean destinations, Aruba is located largely outside the hurricane track, making it a great option for a Summer beach vacation.

2. Think about renting a car for at least one day of your trip. You’ll drive on the right side of the road like in the U.S., and there’s plenty to explore, including Eagle Beach, which many locals say is the best beach on the island. Who are we to argue?

3. Aruba’s Butterfly Farm features butterflies from around the world, and visitors get a feel for the lifecycle of the amazing creatures – from egg to caterpillar to chrysalis to butterfly!

4. An unusual photo op on Aruba is the Aruba Natural Bridge, which collapsed in 2005. The bridge has been naturally carved into coral by the sea before its demise, but is still a very popular spot to stop for a picture.

5. There’s no question that visitors to Aruba think white sand beaches and turquoise waters first, and you should set aside plenty of time for both. But hiking is also popular, and Aruba Nature Sensitive Tours offer the chance to see other, less-trodden sides of the island.

6. Maybe the hottest new watersports activity in Aruba is JETLEV, a water-propelled Jetpack that enables thrill-seekers to hover over the ocean water at altitudes of up to 30 feet! JETLEV may be the closest thing to actually walking on water – check out Red Sail Sports for more info.