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1. Miami was named after a Native American Tribe who lived in the area until the 18th Century, named the Mayaimis after Lake Okeechobee.

2. Miami was founded in 1896 by a local businesswoman named Julia Tuttle, making it the only major U.S. city to be founded by a woman.

3. The first sunscreen was invented here in 1944 by Benjamin Green, a pharmacist in Miami Beach. His recipe eventually became popular brand Coppertone.

4. Miami is bordered by two separate national parks- Biscayne National Park and Everglades National Park.

5. Famous pirates including Gasparilla, Blackbeard and Fafitte were regular visitors to the area.

6. Miami has the largest cruise ship port in the world- serving almost five million passengers annually.

7. Miami Beach is home to the world’s largest collection of Art Deco architecture.

8. The first Burger King restaurant opened in Miami in 1954.

9. It snowed only one time in Miami’s official metrological history. The date was January 19, 1977.

10. The city has the largest concentration of international banks in all of the U.S.