The second-largest Hawaiian island is a melting pot of rainforests, sandy beaches and mountains. Maui, nicknamed “The Valley Isle” because it sits between two mountains, offers vacationers the opportunity to see true beauty in the raw. Brush up on Maui fun facts and explore our exclusive Maui vacations to prepare you for the trip of a lifetime.

1. Maui offers 30 miles of pristine beaches with white, red and black sand, created by pulverized lava rock, and a total of 80 beaches.

2. Maui is the second-largest Hawaiian island.

3. A popular attraction in Maui is “Road to Hana,” a 45-mile stretch of road with 54 one-lane bridges and more than 600 tighter-than-ever turns. Bring a camera and snap pictures of the many waterfalls and pools!

4. Maui’s most famous and the largest dormant volcano in the world is Haleakala. Its crater is 21 miles across and 4,000 feet deep. In comparison, the entire island of Manhattan could fit inside.

5. Watch concerts and enjoy arts activities under the shade of The Banyan in the city of Lahaina. The tree, which was just 8 feet tall when it was brought to Maui from India, now stands more than 60 feet tall.

6. Before Honolulu took the title in the 1850s, Maui’s Lahaina was the capital of Hawaii.

7. Arachnophobias beware! Found only in Hawaii, Happy Face Spiders have a yellow formation on their backs resembling a smiley face.

8. Get in a helicopter and tour Maui from above. Maui’s largest waterfall, Honokohau Falls, is a whopping 1,100 feet high and is located in the West Maui Mountains.

9. The average ocean temperature surrounding Maui is 78 degrees Fahrenheit!

10. There are no billboards in Maui. The Outdoor Circle, an environmental group, led the campaign to ban billboards in Hawaii in the 1920s. All the better to see the landscape.