Dive into a list of fun facts about one of the most memorable fresh water lakes in the United States with Vacations by Marriott. Straddling the California-Nevada border, the lake attracts thousands of visitors per year, and it’s no surprise why—tall green trees reflecting off the crystal blue water sounds like a sliver of paradise to us. Take a look at our Lake Tahoe facts below and see for yourself.

1. The Tahoe Basin is located on the California-Nevada border, with one-third of it in Nevada and two-thirds of it in California.

2. Lake Tahoe's greatest depth of approximately 1,595 feet makes it the second-deepest lake in the United States, and the only lake that never flows into the ocean—it flows only through the Truckee River and eventually into Pyramid Lake.

3. If one took all the water that evaporates from Lake Tahoe in a 24-hour period, it would supply the daily requirements of a city the size of L.A.

4. If Lake Tahoe was drained, it would take 700 years to refill.

5. The lake is most-known for its clarity. It has, however, lost about 1/3rd of its clarity since 1968, due in part to development-impacted watersheds, vehicle exhaust and phosphorus.

6. Lake Tahoe is 21.1 miles long from north to south.

7. Commercially-distilled water is 99.998% pure, while Lake Tahoe water is 99.994% pure.

8. The average annual snowfall in the mountains surrounding Lake Tahoe is 600+ inches.

9. The lake holds 39 trillion (with a T!) gallons of water.

10. Lake Tahoe is also known for being extremely blue in color. It’s due in part to the clean air and water of it lake, but it’s also because the clean water absorbs red light from the sky and creates the dazzling blue we see.