Paris attracts millions of visitors each year with its sights, sounds and romantic French cuisine. Travelers come to stand under the notable Eiffel Tower or catch a glimpse of the Mona Lisa at The Louvre. But there’s more to The City of Lights than museums and rich food. Take a journey with us as you prepare for the getaway of a lifetime with our Paris vacation packages. Here are a few fun facts before you land.

1. Up until 2012, Paris only had one stop sign. Traffic in the city’s center, then, played by one rule: “priorit droite,” which means the driver approaching an intersection on the right gets the right of way.

2. The nickname City of Lights has nothing to do with the illuminating power of streetlights and buildings. The term means intellectuals, referring to the high concentration of writers, artists and academics in the city.

3. On average, around 10 films or commercials shoot in the streets of Paris each day. And, filming is completely free except in gardens, museums or swimming pools, in which the crew must pay the city.

4. Paris is the No. 1 city in the world when it comes to libraries. It’s home to 830.

5. The French army still uses carrier pigeons.

6. The most-visited monument in the city is the Notre-Dame Cathedral.

7. Plaster of Paris — you know, that stuff a cast is built with when you break a bone — was invented in Paris.

8. The largest French-speaking country in the world isn’t Paris. It’s Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

9. There’s a replica of the Statue of Liberty in Paris. It faces New York as a sign of the French-American friendship.

10. By law, no buildings can exceed six stories in Paris. Why? “Pour que tout le monde ait du soleil,” which translates loosely to “so that all can have sunshine.”