Get swept away by the turquoise waters, island hospitality and colorful culture the Bahamas is known for when you plan your next getaway in Nassau. The capital city welcomes millions of tourists craving the salty sea and endless sunshine each year. Experience the most from your adventure-filled escape while spending less with Vacations by Marriott’s exclusive packages to Nassau, Bahamas.

While your digital camera and awe-inspired expressions might reveal you’re a tourist, your knowledge of the islands doesn’t have to. Impress your fellow travelers by mentioning these fun facts about the Bahamas throughout your trip.  

1. In addition to housing hungry tourists, the Bahamas has been a popular destination for movies stars on location for blockbuster hits such as Thunderball (1965), The Spy Who Loved Me (1977), License to Kill (1989) and Casino Royale (2006) from the James Bond series; HELP! (1965), The Beatles’ second feature film; After the Sunset (2004), an action comedy starring Pierce Brosnan; and all five of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies (2003, 2006, 2007, 2011, 2016).

2. Speaking of pirates, Nassau once served as the most popular pirate base in the world. While today’s crowds are far from thieves and robbers, you can get a glimpse of the Golden Age of Piracy at The Pirates of Nassau Museum, housed in a full-size replica of the pirate ship Revenge.

3. You’re probably aware of the reputation the Bahamas’ brilliant blue waters holds, but did you know you can see those gorgeous ponds from space? Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield claims the waters provide the most beautiful and memorable view from the International Space Station. If your spaceship is in the shop, check out the scenery for yourself with the detailed images from Google Earth.

4. Sand, sea and sunshine aren’t the only aspects of the island tourists are soaking up. Nassau is home to Graycliff Wine Cellar, one of the largest wine cellars in the world with over 250,000 bottles in its collection. Take a tour and taste the prestigious whites and reds. It’s a sipping experience like no other.

5. While English is spoken everywhere and the Bahamian dollar matches the U.S. dollar, there is one big difference when it comes to transportation: Cars drive on the left side of the road. Be prepared if you plan on renting your own car through Vacations by Marriott.

6. Many claim flamingos are the equivalent of show ponies in Nassau. Three times a day, crowds flock to Ardastra Gardens, Zoo & Conservation Centre to watch the pretty pink birds perform in the world-famous March of the Flamingos.

7. Conch is one of the most popular seafood specialties in the Bahamas and can be found at almost every traditional Bahamian restaurant. It can be served raw with lime juice, in a salad or deep fried. But don’t go thinking all conchs are fair game. With the large marine snails’ long history of overexploitation, activists encourage diners to only eat adult conchs. This can be done by choosing to indulge at fresh conch shacks that allow you to see the conch in its shell before they knock it out.