Take an adventure with us in Nevada this week for an incredible Las Vegas vacation:

Day One: You touch down at McCarran International Airport and quickly grab a taxi over to what’s become the hottest hotel on the strip: The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. Once in your room, you immediately notice two things: the size (spacious!) and the outdoor terrace, which is pretty unique for Vegas. After some time spent unwinding in the room, you’re on your way to the first of several unique experiences on this trip: an indoor skydive that literally suspends you in a wind tunnel, simulating the weightless feeling of falling from high in the sky, but without any of the anxiety involved when jumping out of a perfectly-good airplane! This Las Vegas visit is off to an excellent start.

Day Two: The Cosmopolitan’s gaming and dining options are top-notch. The casino itself is large, but not so big that guests get completely lost like they do in so many other Vegas hotels. After partaking in a few table games and enjoying a fantastic dinner at STK Las Vegas, you head down the street to spend the evening at LOVE, the Cirque du Soleil show that celebrates the musical legacy of The Beatles and their timeless music. Drawn from the poetry of the group’s lyrics, LOVE complements the content of the songs with interpretative performances from a cast of 60 international artists. There’s a youthful energy at work here and it’s truly inspiring.

Day Three: Today you’re off to experience one of the latest additions to the Strip: the High Roller, which at 550 feet is now the world’s largest observation wheel. Before entering, make a quick stop at the waiting area to purchase a beverage. Then, with drink in hand, hop in your air-conditioned pod for a ride high above the Vegas landscape. And later, as day turns to night, head out - with club pass in hand - to some of the city’s most exciting nightlife venues: Body English, LAVO, Hyde and then, for a nightcap, Marquee, back at The Cosmopolitan. Exhilarating!

Day Four: It’s your final day in Vegas and you’re headed over to Shark Reef, which features more than 100 sharks from 15 different species, plus angelfish, parrotfish, pufferfish, green sawfish, piranhas, eels and jellyfish. Working your way back up Las Vegas Boulevard, you stop in the most serene environment you’ve found on this trip: the Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art, which plays host to a rotating collection of artwork from major museums and private collections around the world. The gallery is just another example of the incredible variety of things to do here. And as always, plenty more awaits your next visit.