Savor the southern ambiance South Carolina expels while visiting attractions from Sunset Cay Marina to all of the historical monuments that dot the coast. Come, and enjoy four magnificent days in historic Charleston, SC with Vacations by Marriott as your tour guides.

Day One: You hit the ground at Charleston International Airport, excited to get started with this, your first visit to historic Charleston. The city offers an amazing mix of Southern architecture, quaint cobblestone streets lit by flickering lanterns, and no shortage of historic landmarks. Your choice of accommodation perfectly complements the city itself: the Renaissance Charleston Historic District Hotel offers the best of Charleston just outside its doors. The hotel fuses old-fashioned Southern hospitality and sophistication with contemporary convenience. You settle in, then take a short walk around (there will be more time for exploration tomorrow), and later sit down at Magnolia’s for dinner, where after an appetizer of fried green tomatoes you enjoy Southern-style grilled pork tenderloin and begin to soak in the ambiance of this unique place.

Day Two: After a leisurely morning at the hotel, you venture outside and get ready to explore Charleston by horse-drawn carriage! You meet your guide on Anson Street near the City Market, and make your way through the city’s picturesque streets, passing by gorgeous antebellum mansions and other historically-significant homes, along with churches and gardens. You snap more than a dozen photos as you soak up the southern ambiance of Charleston. Later, you join a mobile cocktail party that visits a trio of watering holes in just 90 minutes and introduces you to some of Charleston's best “mixologists.” Essentially magicians behind bars, the mixologists embrace traditional techniques that take ingredients from farm to tumbler. You savor a delicious specialty cocktail at each stop, and head back to the Renaissance to cap off a magnificent day.

Day Three: Today you’re making a trip to the South Carolina coastline, for an eco-tourism adventure that begins at Sunset Cay Marina on Folly Island. You board a boat and travel up the Folly River into the salt marsh, where you’re met by friendly bottlenose dolphins at the entrance of Robbins Creek. You cruise further into the creek, where oysters line the creek banks. From here you explore the estuary and visit Lighthouse Creek. As the Old Charleston lighthouse comes into full view, the captain makes a stop at historic Morris Island, where you disembark and explore the remote barrier island, combing the beach for a variety of little treasures and spotting more dolphins as they strand-feed - a practice where a pod will herd a school of fish and then launch themselves onto the beach for a feast. Nature is in full display here, and you’re glad you have had the chance to visit this amazing place.

Day Four: According to many locals, there’s no better example of life in the old South than the Aiken-Rhett House Museum. Originally built in the early-1800s and then expanded just prior to the Civil War, much of the home’s original style has been preserved by the Historic Charleston Foundation. As you wander through the house, you’re struck by the antique furnishings, the original wallpaper, and the stunning bronze chandeliers. Just outside the home, you visit the kitchens, stables and the slave quarters – another holdover from the days before slaves were ultimately freed by President Lincoln. It’s a fitting way to cap your visit to this most historic of southern cities, filled with natural beauty and Southern tradition. A little later, you board your flight, sit back and scroll through a large collection of photos. You’ll have memories of Charleston for years to come.