Get ready to sweat in Florida exploring all that South Beach has to offer with a Miami Vacation!

Day One: It’s late-morning and you arrive in Miami for a few exciting days in a city that TripAdvisor simply describes as“hot, hot, hot!” Your destination: the Marriott Stanton South Beach, which is surrounded by all the sights and sounds of South Beach. You check-in, get to your room, open the suitcases and get right into swimsuits. The beach scene directly fronting the hotel is amazing, and after a little time on the beach you retreat to the hotel’s pool area, where the sunshine is plentiful and the drinks are cool. Later, it’s a short walk over to Milos, which offers a wide range of Greek cuisine with a heavy emphasis on the city’s freshest seafood. It’s a wonderful way to end your first day in Miami.

Day Two: North Miami’s Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) is fast becoming one of the top modern art museums in the world. The focus here is on diversity – a very appropriate reflection of the city itself. With exhibitions such as “Alternative Contemporaneity” and “Under the Bridge, Beyond the Beach and Above the Muck,” this isn’t exactly your mom and dad’s museum! After a couple of hours admiring MOCA’s collection, it’s time to get loose with some salsa dancing at Yuca. Polishing your moves is easy here, with dance classes offered to anyone who wants to learn – and nearly everyone in attendance does. It’s the quintessential Miami experience, and the party continues well into the evening.

Day Three: It’s late morning and you’ve decided to hop on a Segway and explore the Art Deco District, beachwalk and attractions of South Beach at a nice leisurely pace. The Segway can take you places that a car can't and is faster than walking, so you cruise down Ocean Drive and relax for a few minutes in South Point Park. Alas, what the Segway can’t do is enter stores to do some shopping, so after lunch you set off on foot to the Lincoln Road Mall, a stylish, popular promenade with a wide variety of amazing stores. You make a rest stop for margaritas, then head to the beach to watch the moon rise. There’s something about the combination of the warm sand, balmy breezes and salty air that makes a moonrise over Miami truly special.

Day Four: You’ll be headed to the airport for your flight home later this afternoon, but there’s still time to try something completely new. Water-powered “flyboards” are the latest watersports craze, and with a small group of six, you’ve decided to give it a try. Riding a flyboard is safe and relatively easy to learn, requiring just a little balance and coordination. You find it only takes a few minutes to learn, and soon you’re hovering above the turquoise waters of Biscayne Bay. Your instructor stays right with you as you master steering, elevation control, water landings and more. The sensation is pretty unique – sort of like walking on water – and as you check out of the hotel, you wonder what awaits on your next trip to Miami.

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