Welcome to sunny Southern California. Join us this week for a San Diego Vacation!

Day One: You touch down in San Diego, collect your luggage and pick up a rental car. From there, it’s just a short, 10-minute drive to your hotel: the spectacular San Diego Marriott Marquis. With San Diego’s hip downtown at your front door, and charming Seaport Village out back, the hotel will provide a perfect home base from which to explore the San Diego area. Once in your room, the view is incredible. U.S. Navy battleships are anchored to your right, and the iconic Coronado Bridge is on the left, and you’re tempted not to leave the room. But a sunset sail beckons, and as you watch the golden sunset from the water, sipping a beverage while city lights glisten just behind you, you take a deep breath and begin to recognize why this place is called “America’s Finest City.”

Day Two: Today will be spent in La Jolla, which is just north of San Diego and is truly one of California’s quintessential beach towns. A popular ocean kayak excursion enables you to kayak the La Jolla sea caves and ecological reserve, which boasts an amazing array of scenery and ocean wildlife that can’t be found anywhere else in the area. You launch from the beach on La Jolla Shores and paddle out to the sea caves, taking in the gorgeous views and cruising through rock formations, caves and expansive kelp forests, capping it all off with a kayak surf ride back to the beach. Later, over fish tacos at George’s at the Cove, you realize you could get very used to this beach-loving California lifestyle!

Day Three: This morning you hop in the car and head to San Diego’s “North County,” home of the San Diego Zoo’s 1,800-acre Safari Park. Inspired by the African Serengeti and the expanses of the Asian plains, the Safari Park is unlike any other outside of Africa itself and features more than 3,500 rare and exotic animals - most of whom roam freely in vast enclosures. You witness a family of giraffes mingling among the gazelles and cranes, while rhinos gather at a watering hole. Nearby, South African cheetahs lounge on a sunny hill and you tour past herds of elephants and zebras. Walking trails lead guests to overlooks of lions, tigers and other close encounters with exotic creatures. So much to see and do!

Day Four: It’s your final full day in San Diego, and you’re back at the beach for a standup paddleboard lesson. This is the latest water craze hitting oceans and lakes across the globe, and you want to master it. You learn the proper stance, how to balance, paddling techniques, steering and how to turn around quickly. Then you begin to grasp “surf sense” and ocean awareness. It’s a little overwhelming at first, but as you get more confident, you realize that stand-up paddling is a very pleasant way to enjoy the ocean. Later, you head to Pacific Beach and join JT Estrela in sculpting some amazing sand castles, completing your work just in time to enjoy one last sunset. San Diego’s been everything you thought it would be, and more.