During your four days under the sun in Curacao, explore the town of Willemstad, swim through sparkling lagoons, and learn about the impact of the arriving Spanish conquistadors and Dutch colonist that gave the island its start. Take our itinerary and meet us just off the Venezuelan coast in the southern Caribbean on the beautiful island of Curacao.

Day One: You hit the ground on the island of Curacao, collect your luggage and are soon headed to your home for the next several days: the Renaissance Curacao Resort & Casino, which combines Caribbean charm and Dutch sophistication and offers convenient access to a wide variety of island attractions. You change clothes and make your way across the sugary white sands for a dip in the crystal-clear water, then sip a drink and kick back for a while. A little later, with the sun setting, you take a seat in Xquisit, the resort’s eclectic restaurant, where you dig into pan fried grouper, followed by stuffed apple marzipan for dessert. The evening continues with a casual stroll around the resort, and you decide to stop in at the Carnaval Casino, where a few fun games of chance round out a great first day in Curacao.

Day Two: This morning you’re off to check out the nearby Curacao Sea Aquarium. With a small group, you swim in several different natural lagoons and share the water with stingrays, grouper and other fish, which you can feed with the food provided by the staff. You’re also able to feed nurse sharks and sea turtles, which are separated by glass partitions to ensure the safety of all involved. It’s a close encounter with sea life you won’t soon forget, and you’re anxious to get back in the water tomorrow. But for now, you’re off to explore the town of Willemstad, which features narrow streets filled with quaint shops, interesting museums and great places to eat. You wander along the waterfront and admire the brightly-colored architecture – pastel colors brightened under sunny, blue skies. Beautiful.

Day Three: Today you hop in an open-air Jeep and roll across the island’s red clay-colored mini-desert toward Shete Boka National Park, which is located along Curacao’s northern coast. You check out caves and rock formations, spot frigates, herons and hawks high above, and visit a protected beach where sea turtles come to rest on the sand and lay their eggs after nightfall. Back in the Jeep, you continue on to Supladó, a crater in a coral massif with an opening, from which warm ocean water shoots upward and out into the crater. You relax for a few minutes in the shallows of this natural hot tub and watch a show of wild fountains and rainbows. After a picnic lunch, you snorkel at Playa Lagun, a small, peaceful cove with tropical fish and sea turtles passing by in the clear, shallow water. What a day!

Day Four: You’re up early and excited to spend a few more hours on the island before you fly home later in the afternoon. The Amazonia Rainforest Mystery is Curacao’s newest attraction, and features a Taíno village deep in a rainforest, where you view replicas of ancient Incan temple ruins, Aztec pyramids and Arawak huts. A shaman re-enacts a hunting ritual, and you admire paintings, sculptures and murals made by native artists. You learn about the strong family ties that held tribes together, and the eventual impact of the arriving Spanish conquistadors and Dutch colonists. More than 130 different animal species roam freely throughout the area, which makes the Amazonia Rainforest Mystery all the more fun and impressive - a nice way to end your trip to this amazing destination.