Get ready for four crazy days in Copenhagen with Vacations by Marriott. After browsing different European vacations and seeing all of the different trips you can take, you realize Denmark may be the one for you. From the Rosenborg Castle to the Tivoli Gardens, this Scandinavian kingdom is home to many wonders that will be remembered for a lifetime. Take a look below at some of our suggestions to help build a fun-filled trip.

Day 1: Velkommen til Danmark! Or ‘Welcome to Denmark’ in English. You have just arrived at the airport in Copenhagen. You have heard the city has great public transportation so you hop on the train and head over to the central train terminal downtown, which is within walking distance of your hotel: The Copenhagen Marriott. It’s a beautiful day and you don’t want to waste any time so you drop your bags and immediately start walking to Copenhagen’s most famous site, Nyhavn. Nyhavn, meaning ‘New Harbor' in English is the cultural center of the city situated on a scenic canal with beautiful colorful buildings lining the waterfront – if you have ever seen an image of Copenhagen, it was probably a shot from Nyhavn! You grab a snack at one of the canal side cafes and then hop on a boat for an hour-long tour of Copenhagen by water, a city surrounded by canals. You’re back to Nyhavn in time to watch the sunset and then head to the hotel for a good night’s sleep in preparation for day two!

Day 2: Yesterday on your boat tour you rode past the famous Hans Christian Anderson’s – a Denmark native – Little Mermaid statue. You know this is a Copenhagen classic and start the morning with a walk along the river to see her in all her glory perched on a rock, where she’s been since 1909. After snapping some pictures with her, you take the metro just a few stops to Christiania. This bohemian neighborhood is home to about 850 Danish residents and is a self-proclaimed autonomous region of the city. You spend some time wandering around looking at the interesting homes, art, and stores and then grab lunch in preparation for the afternoon. Copenhagen is a great city for not only pedestrians but also bikers so you decide to rent bikes and spend a few hours exploring. You end your bike tour at Rundertarn or the Round Tower, where you walk up the giant ramp at the center of this 17th-century former astronomical observatory, for an unbelievable 360-degree view of the city you’ve been biking around all day.

Day 3: The Danish monarchy has had a massive impact on the culture of Denmark and specifically Copenhagen so today in order to understand that impact better, you will be exploring the Copenhagen’s famous Rosenborg Castle. Built in 1606 for King Christian IV, the castle was a royal residence until 1710 and now functions as a magnificent museum. Not only is the castle extremely well preserved, each room in the 3-story structure is beautifully appointed with royal artifacts from throughout Danish history. It’s a beautiful day so you spend quite a bit of time in the castle’s gardens as well. You are on a streak with the royal Danish history and after watching changing of the guard, you finish out your day at Amalienborg, the winter home of the Danish royal family, which consists of four identical classical palaces with intriguing rococo interiors. Copenhagen is a European dining haven, home to 15 restaurants with Michelin stars so you decide to splurge tonight on a fantastic meal at Deb Rode Cottage, which offers fresh Danish Classics in an idyllic setting, just north of the city near the water.

Day 4: It’s your final day in Copenhagen and you want to blow off some steam and have fun! Conveniently located a few blocks from your hotel is Denmark’s most famous amusement part: Tivoli Gardens. Tivoli opened in August of 1843 and is the second oldest amusement park in the entire world. Not only does Tivoli offer classic rides, it also offers a scenic morning exploration for all ages. The park’s most famous ride is its wooden roller coaster, Rutschebanen, built in 1914, which is one of the oldest in the world so you make sure to take a couple of spins on that one. Tivoli also offers a wide assortment of restaurants so you sit down for a beautiful lunch outdoors, take a quick spin on the carousel and head back to the hotel to pack up. You have covered a lot of ground in four days and are feeling great about your Danish experience but are excited to go home, catch up on sleep, and then show off all your awesome pictures from your Crazy Copenhagen Vacation!