After you’ve browsed our Aruba vacation packages, pack your bags and meet us in sunny Aruba. From butterfly farms to casinos, this island has something to offer vacationers of all ages. Take a look at the suggested itinerary we’re created and imagine yourself on a beach chair where the sand meets the water. Take a trip with Vacations by Marriott to One Happy Island!

Day One: You touch down at Aruba International Airport, make your way through customs and are soon headed to the Aruba Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino, which features the most spacious rooms on the island. You step onto your large, private balcony and breathe in the warm air, then head back downstairs to check out the beach. You retreat to the pool area for a cool drink, and make dinner plans at the resort’s highly-rated Simply Fish restaurant. With toes quite literally in the sand, you enjoy a fresh lobster tail, accompanied by Brussel sprouts and cherry tomatoes. And to cap things off, you spend a couple of hours trying your hand in the on-property Stellaris Casino, which offers poker, blackjack, slots and more. Your Aruba vacation is well underway!

Day Two: You’ve decided to spend your first full day in Aruba both in and on the water, and why not? Aruba’s all about water sports, and you’re excited to try something completely new. You board a 70-foot power catamaran and are briefed on SNUBA, which is a popular alternative to snorkeling. With a little instruction and no restrictive scuba diving gear, SNUBA enables you to explore the undersea world off Aruba at depths of up to 20 feet, while breathing easily and safely underwater. It’s sort of a primer for scuba diving, and once back on board, you vow to think more seriously about scuba certification when you return home. In the meantime, you order drinks from the open bar and dig into lunch on the vessel’s sun deck. Amazing.

Day Three: This morning you’re off to the eastern side of Aruba to visit one of the island’s premier points of interest: Arikok National Park. Occupying about 18 percent of Aruba’s total land mass, the park features a wide variety of natural geologic, historical and landmark attractions. Within Arikok’s boundaries, you explore natural caves and lava formations, enjoy stunning views that are tailor-made for Instagram and Facebook, and check out tidal pools that are ripe for discovery. Aside from its abundant natural beauty, visitors to the park can learn about important indigenous historical sites, as well as fascinating micro-climates that support everything from Aruba’s snake species to its pair of unique birds that are found nowhere else in the world.

Day Four: You wake up this morning to the immediate realization that a three-night getaway to Aruba is much too short. But yes, you’ll be on a plane home this evening and are anxious to maximize your time, so a visit to Aruba's Butterfly Farm is in order. You step into a tropical garden teeming with butterflies from around the globe and observe the life cycle of these fascinating creatures and the miracle of metamorphosis - from egg to caterpillar to chrysalis to butterfly! You arrive early enough to witness new butterflies emerging from their chrysalis and taking their first flight. And speaking of flight, you’re soon back at the airport and thinking about the things you’ll do during your next visit to this sun-soaked place they call One Happy Island.