From whitewater rafting to riding atop an elephant, zip lining through the trees and tasting fresh local cuisine, Thailand offers one-of-a-kind experiences you won’t find elsewhere. Relax and indulge with our Phuket vacation packages, and enjoy luxurious accommodations at JW Marriott Phuket Resort & Spa as you take in five unforgettable days in flawless Phuket, Thailand.

Day One: You hit the ground at Phuket International Airport after a busy day of travel, pleased you’ve finally arrived and excited to get your stay underway at the JW Marriott Phuket Resort & Spa. The resort is absolutely breathtaking, and your elegantly appointed room features a hardwood floor, Terracotta tiles, a balcony with an amazing view, and an ultra-comfortable bed. You lie down and within minutes are napping. A little later, you awake a bit more refreshed and take a walk around the resort’s pools, then out along Mai Khao Beach. The warm ocean water feels good on your bare feet, and you eventually head back to the room to choose from half a dozen different on-property dinner options. You select the Andaman Grill, which offers sweeping views of the Andaman Sea, and after a calamari appetizer you’re soon enjoying a half lobster tail accompanied by tenderloin beef and asparagus. Your unforgettable visit to Phuket is off to a fine start.

Day Two: This morning you’re still shaking off some jet lag, but the excitement to get out and see Phuket is strong, so you hire a private guide and set out to explore the island on an electric bike. You visit the pictorial museum of Thai Hua, and check out Phuket's oldest Chinese shrine, learning more about the area's architecture as you coast past Sino-Portuguese buildings that are standing testimonials to the influence of 19th-century migrants who came to Phuket during the tin-mining days. You make a stop at the Thavorn Museum, which features a wide variety of antiques, and head over to the downtown fruit market to reenergize a bit. Next, you test your orientation skills at the A-Maze Garden, created by one of the world's leading maze designers and a visually artistic challenge. You navigate your way through the leafy maze, turning corners that might lead you toward the exit – or a dead end!

Day Three: Today will be a full day of fun adventure. You’re picked up at the resort and whisked away to “base camp” as you prepare for whitewater rafting, Thailand-style. After some basic safety tips, you set off with a handful of others down-river for about five kilometers (three miles), with the jungle rainforest rising on both sides. Once you’ve safely arrived back on land, you do some trekking atop an elephant, moving at a leisurely pace through the Ton Pariwat Wildlife Sanctuary as the riverside scenery unfolds all around you. A Thai lunch is served in the camp’s restaurant, and you visit a nearby waterfall to snap some photos before relaxing for a while in an herbal steam room. It all makes for a pretty amazing experience and you arrive back at the resort absolutely exhilarated, and just in time to take a dip in one of the pools under the moonlight. It’s been said that Phuket is a paradise unlike any other, and you’re inclined to agree.

Day Four: You’re up early and excited to get on – and in – the waters of the Andaman Sea. You take a shuttle to the waterfront to board a speedboat headed toward the nine islands of the Similans. Your first stop takes you to the white-sand beach of “Island Eight,” where you hike to the top of the “Sailing Rock,” a huge granite rock formation, then snorkel among the wide array of inhabitants – clownfish, angelfish, parrotfish and more. After a light lunch, you head to “Island Nine” for some beach time, then make a short hop to what your driver considers the best snorkeling site in the entire area, where you encounter a few sea turtles! There’s a treasure chest of natural wonders to explore here, and the diversity of marine life is stunning. It’s the type of tranquil getaway that serves as a reminder of just how many truly pristine places remain on this planet. The wind feels good as you make your way back to Phuket. This is what a vacation is all about.

Day Five: Today will be your last full day in Phuket, and you’ve decided to quite literally fly from tree to tree on a zip line system that with no less than 28 different platforms must be one of the world’s largest. You’re assigned to a small group, and in no time you’re soaring above, through and below the leaves – a totally unique perspective with spectacular views and enough speed to fill you full of adrenaline. You eventually make your way back to town and downshift over lunch, then spend a couple of hours browsing through a wide variety of shops and markets. From shoes, sunglasses and handbags to handmade silk clothing, original artwork and jewelry, there’s something for everyone, and you make sure to pick up a few souvenirs for friends and family before heading back to the resort. Packing will be a bit of a challenge, but you’ll also be returning home with memories that will last a lifetime.