Hop on a plane at the nearest airport and get to Bali ASAP! Vacation by Marriott welcomes you to enjoy five sunny days in Bali, where crystal-clear waters and hot temperatures are the norm. Anticipate to taste rich local cuisine, see authentic temples and have an unforgettable experience during your Bali vacation.

Day 1: After quite a journey, you have landed in Beautiful Bali! The hotel is a very short drive from the airport and you have coordinated a transfer through the hotel. This week you’ll be staying at The Stones Hotel – Legian Bali, Autograph Collection. Since it’s your first day and you are exhausted from your travels, you check in to your room and decide to spend the rest of the afternoon by the pool. It’s a beautiful 82 degrees, which is the average temperature almost all year round, and the perfect weather to relax by the gorgeous pool. You decide to have a true Balinese experience for your first dinner, so you get dressed up and head over to The Long Rice Table. Rice Table is the focus of this restaurant, which is the Indonesian tradition of sharing indigenous samples of authentic Indonesian dishes. After dinner, you take a walk around the resort to explore the spa and the fitness center, you decide you will definitely be back at the spa for a traditional Balinese massage and book your appointment for later in the trip.

Day 2: Your second day in paradise will take place about an hour drive away from the hotel in the town of Ubud. Ubud is in the uplands and is known as a center for crafts and dance on the island. Downtown Ubud has the Agung Rai Museum of Art that you go in to explore, looking at traditional Balinese art in a variety of small buildings spread throughout a beautiful garden. The next stop on your tour of Ubud is the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary, where you make lots of new friends! After playing with the monkeys at the sanctuary, it’s time for a lunch break at a local restaurant, conveniently located next to the art markets, where you will be heading next. It’s time to shop and the Ubud markets are a great place to grab some souvenirs to bring home. A winding maze of endless stalls offers something for everyone. Your last stop of the day is a little bit of a drive away to the Tegalalang Rice Terrace. The trek through the Terraces is short yet steep and provides exceptional photo opportunities. Rice has been grown in Indonesia for centuries, and it’s interesting to hear the history behind this sacred crop.

Day 3: This morning, you’ll be watching the sunrise at Tanah Lot Temple, about a 45 minute drive away from the hotel; although it’s an early morning, it’s totally worth it. Tanah Lot is an iconic Balinese temple that is perched on its own tiny island right off the coast – the temple is only accessible at low tide when it is possible to walk across and see this beautiful wonder. Tanah Lot is always busy, but it is worth facing the crowds for. Considering you had such an early wake up, you head back to the hotel to relax some more by the pool. This afternoon will also be your spa day, so after lunch you walk over for your unforgettable traditional Balinese massage. After a relaxing afternoon, your evening activity will bring a lot of excitement – a Balinese dance performance. The Balinese tradition of dance is very unique and is deeply ingrained the island’s culture. You are mesmerized by the outfits of the performers and the fast drum music is unlike anything you have ever heard before.

Day 4: Today you’ll be enjoying the beach town of Sanur. Sanur offers an extensive beach, snorkeling, scuba diving, and most popularly, surfing. You decide you’re going to have an active day and kick off the morning with a short surf lesson from a local company. The waves here are calmer than elsewhere on the island and offer a great place for beginners to test out their skills. Lunch is at the Kayu Manis, the top ranked restaurant in Sanur, where you are personally greeted by the friendly owner Bagus. You have a delicious meal and then head back towards the beach. This afternoon you’ll be snorkeling in the clear waters off of Sanur. This is a great reef for beginners; the water is shallow and home to lots of colorful Schooling Damsels and Clown Fish.

Day 5: For your last day you have a leisurely morning with a big brunch next to the pool at the hotel. After you eat, you get a ride to the Elephant Safari Park of Desa Taro. The park offers visitors the opportunity to get up close and personal with these massive mammals. You also decide to go for a ride on a sightseeing jungle expedition tour, on top of a well-trained Sumatran elephant! This is the experience of a lifetime, so you make sure to take lots of pictures all along the journey. After your ride you explore the park’s facilities – including the lodge, the information center, and a comprehensive museum that houses the only mammoth skeleton in Southeast Asia. This park certainly has it all, and you are glad that you decided to spend your final day here! After your day of exploration, you opt for one last dip in the pool back at the hotel before heading to sleep early in preparation for your early morning flight!