Aloha! Join us in Hawaii this week for an amazing Big Island Hawaiian Vacation!

Day One: You arrive on the Island of Hawaii (aka the “Big Island”) in the early-afternoon. As you touch down, you’re struck by the lava fields that spread out as far as the eye can see. It’s a bit of a moonscape, but actually helps make for some of the clearest ocean waters in the Hawaiian Islands – water you’ll be enjoying throughout the trip! You pick up a rental car and head for the Waikoloa Beach Marriott Resort & Spa, where after check-in you quickly set foot on the golden sands along Anaeho'omalu Bay and enjoy the warm waters just offshore. The sun begins its work on your tan, and eventually you make your way back to your room and across the street to the Kings Shops at Waikoloa for some shopping and a bite to eat as the sun sets. This is bound to be a great few days.

Day Two: Today you’ll make your way south to Keauhou Bay in the morning to head out and look for wild dolphins. When your guide locates a pod, your boat stops and you hop into the water as the dolphins arrive to play, swim, eat and jump. You admire the grace and strength of the curious dolphins as you’re able to watch them at close quarters. Next, it’s over to Kealakekua Bay, a protected marine sanctuary that’s considered one of the best snorkeling spots in Hawaii. The bay offers excellent visibility, with a variety of multi-colored fish and coral. The guide points out the Captain Cook Monument, which you can see from the water. This is the exact spot where British Captain James Cook first came ashore in Hawaii, and later perished in 1779.

Day Three: Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is by far the most popular visitor attraction in the State of Hawaii, and today you’ll find out exactly why this place is called the “Big Island” (hint: it’s pretty large). But getting close to Kilauea will be well worth the drive. Lava has been flowing continuously here since 1983, and your guide takes you into terrain that can only be described as surreal, while sharing both geological and mythological information about the park. Throughout the day, you travel through a variety of micro-climates, with ageless rainforests, huge craters, steaming vents, lava tubes and more. On this day, Pele (the goddess of volcanoes) has permitted you to view an active lava flow pouring directly into the Pacific Ocean, and it’s absolutely spectacular!

Day Four: This morning you’re excited to soar above the beautiful blue waters of the Kona Coast on an exciting parasailing excursion. Once the necessary safety equipment has been readied, you make a smooth departure from the back of the boat and head skyward, eventually reaching an altitude of 1,200 feet, with the entire coastline spread out below you. You return to shore absolutely exhilarated, then downshift a bit for a leisurely stroll through the town of Kailua-Kona. After a nice lunch at one of the many oceanfront restaurants, you wander through Hulihe’e Palace on Ali’i Drive – once the vacation residence of Hawaiian royalty. Then it’s over to the Kona de Pele Cafe for one of the island’s most popular commodities – a cup of real Kona Coffee – direct from the café’s own plantation.

Day Five: It’s safe to say that the experience of watching 40-foot Humpback whales from a 24-foot Zodiac raft is something you'll probably never forget. Whale watching is great in the waters off the Big Island, and oftentimes the whales are as curious about humans as we are about them! Each year, the whales migrate to these waters to play, mate and give birth. And in addition to whale sightings, it’s not uncommon to also run across manta rays and sea turtles. The onboard hydrophones enable you to listen for whale “songs” – pretty incredible. Once back at the resort, as the sun begins to set on your final full day on the island, you take a seat at the resort’s Sunset Luau and enjoy the food, music and dancing of the Polynesian culture. It’s been an amazing visit.