Travel to the Caribbean for an unforgettable St. Thomas Vacation!

Day One: You touch down in St. Thomas and move seamlessly (no passport required) through the baggage claim and on to your home for the next several days: the very popular Frenchman’s Reef & Morning Star Beach Resort. You’re shown to your room in the Reef Tower, change clothes and are soon enjoying the warm sands of Morning Star Beach. The sun begins to set all too soon, but you’ve developed an appetite and are excited to visit the resort’s Aqua Terra Oceanfront Grill, which offers an all-new dining experience, with spectacular views of Charlotte Amalie Harbor. The evening air is balmy, the drinks are cool, and the seafood pasta is fantastic. You take a deep breath and prepare for the fun-filled days to come.

Day Two: This morning you’ve decided to get out on the water and enjoy the abundant sunshine aboard jet skis. You initially head along the island’s south coast, veering in and around beautiful bays and the tiny islands of Little Colulus Bay and Green Cay. You then make your way toward the bustling waterfront in Charlotte Amalie, admire the mega yachts for a few moments, then zip over to Water Island and cruise past Hassel Island, with its old rum distillery and sugar mill. Once the jet skis are returned, you slow things down and spend the afternoon exploring Charlotte Amalie, with its numerous historical sites, shopping and dining. You stop by the unique Butterfly Garden, and hit the Rum Island Pub, which has been described as the “happiest pub in the world.” You don’t disagree.

Day Three: After getting interested yesterday afternoon, you’ve decided to spend a couple of hours at Coral World, which features five acres of aquariums, outdoor pools, nature trails and an undersea observatory tower. You check out the Caribbean Reef Encounter, Sea Turtle Pool and Marine Gardens, with their wide variety of marine life - from tiny seahorses to giant lobsters. Later, you join a small group for a guided, 90-minute kayak excursion at night. You venture toward Pirate's Point in a see-through double kayak, whose halo of lights illuminate stingrays, sea turtles and flying fish. The relaxing paddle takes you past the island’s mangroves and beaches, and is a unique way to end another fun day in St. Thomas. There’ll be more to explore tomorrow.

Day Four: Today’s agenda: a day of sailing and snorkeling off the nearby island of St. John. You set sail aboard a spacious, 65-foot sloop and feel the warm morning breeze in your hair, arriving a little later in the snorkel-perfect waters of St John. When your gear is ready, it’s off the boat and into the crystal-clear waters, where you snorkel past coral gardens, admire schools of exotic reef fish, and watch for graceful sea turtles and rays. Back on board, lunch is served, and you soak up some sunshine while the vessel makes it way to a second snorkel stop near another idyllic cay. You once again grab your snorkel, fins and facemask, and spend some more time exploring the undersea world, with its rainbow-colored fish and other marine creatures. What a day!

Day Five: You’ll board a plane later today to travel back home, but this morning before you check out you have a different type of flying in mind. You meet up with a parasailing crew, board a small boat and are soon getting a bird’s-eye view of St. Thomas. The views include picturesque beaches, red-tiled-roof homes dotting the island’s green slopes, the Dutch architecture of Charlotte Amalie, and one final glimpse of the island of St John. You look down from an elevation of about 800 feet and see marine life moving casually through the clear waters below. The crew dips you in the water just before bringing you back onto the boat, and soon you’re back at Frenchman’s Reef preparing to leave this magical place. It’s been truly amazing.