This week we'll tell you how to have five amazing days on your Grand Cayman vacation:

Day One: After a short, four-mile transfer from the airport, you arrive at the Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort, which will serve as your Caribbean beach house for the next several days. The resort is located right on Seven Mile Beach – but you already knew that and quickly grab a beach chair, gaze out into the endless blue sea, order something cool to drink, and exhale. Later, after an oceanfront dinner at Solana, you’ll drift off to sleep to the feel of a warm breeze.

Day Two: It’s time to get into the water with a visit to Grand Cayman’s top attraction – Stingray City. Accessible only by boat, Stingray City is home to an abundance of curious stingrays, which glide happily around the clear, shallow water, coming right up for “hugs and kisses” and eagerly eating food right out of your hand. Upon departure from Stingray City, you’ll head over to Coral Gardens for snorkeling, then hop back aboard and work on your tan on the way back to shore.

Day Three: Today you’re headed out on the town – George Town that is – for a stroll that will include a number of stops or food and drink at well-loved local eateries. Taste locally made sweet and spicy jam, cool iced tea inspired by the local flora, West Indian street food, award-winning local beer; rum cake — the Cayman Islands' number one export – and the Caribbean's best coffee, from the Blue Mountains in Jamaica. Then check out both luxury items and local treasures at some of George Town’s many shops.

Day Four: You’ve dreamed about it, and today’s the day to do it – a swim with dolphins. It’s no secret that dolphins have a very special bond with humans, and your time with them will include a warm hello and “handshake,” dolphins songs, a quick belly ride, and some free time to interact and play with these amazing marine mammals. Dry off a bit, then head down the road to the Grand Cayman Turtle Farm in Boatswain's Park, a research and conservation facility where endangered Green Sea Turtles are raised.

Day Five: Pampered Ponies is an equestrian operation that offers beachfront horseback riding in the Barker’s National Park area. The horses are absolutely beautiful, as is the scenery, and there’s an option to ride bareback right into the water! Once back at the resort, you opt for couple’s session at La Mer Spa; then it’s out onto the beach as afternoon turns to evening. Tomorrow you’ll say so long to Grand Cayman, but not goodbye. You’ll be back again soon.