When it comes to the beach, some of us can only spend so much time lounging before we begin feeling restless. Sure, a day of relaxing on the sandy shore is enjoyable, as is an occasional dip in the cool ocean water, but at our core lies an irrepressible need for excitement. In our souls, we hear the calling to break from our comfort zones, to embrace the unknown, to explore the unseen. It’s the mark of a true adventurer, a desire for authentic experiences and unrivaled adventure. Lucky for us, there is the enchanting land of Costa Rica.

When you take advantage of some of the packages offered by Vacations by Marriott, not only will you get to enjoy modern accommodations and amenities, you’ll also get to stay in a prime location near some of the area’s unique eco-adventures. From diving at the local reefs to swinging from tree top to tree top with monkeys, there are plenty of things for you to do during your visit.

Cruise the Canopy

There are four species of monkeys native to the forests of Costa Rica. Swinging from branch to branch, these furry fellows have a better view of the rainforest than anyone, except for those on one of Costa Rica’s famous zip line tours. The zip line tour from Guanacaste, the longest in Costa Rica, features 25 cables, two rappelling maneuvers and a swing over a hanging bridge. Adventurers of all ages will love speeding across the canopy over 11 beautiful waterfalls, as well as the optional swim in the spring mountain pool following the conclusion of the one-of-a-kind tour. To top off an exciting day, savor a delicious Costa Rican lunch from the El Tucan restaurant.

Raft the Rapids

While taking in the country’s sights by foot may be more efficient, there is something to be said for speeding along the winding, roaring waters of one of the most beautiful rivers in the world, Pacuare River. With a team made up of your family or friends, navigate your way through scenic Braulio Carrillo National Park. Thanks to its gorgeous scenery and swift rapids, the tropical river has been declared one of the five best whitewater rafting locations on the planet. After taking a moment to relax and refuel, finish the last leg of your whitewater rafting adventure, then relish in breathtaking views of the park on your ride back to San Jose.

Hook the Huge One

Still looking to catch that trophy fish you’ve always lied to your friends about catching? Spend half of your day fishing the Gulf of Papagayo. Lead by a local captain and his crew who have explored the same fishing area their whole lives, this world-class fishing expedition promises a one-of-a-kind experience. What will you reel in? Will you hook a massive blue marlin, or nab a mahi-mahi? The only way to see is to set sail just off the coast of northwest Costa Rica.

Dive to New Depths

For those who prefer swimming with the fish over catching them, we’ve got something for you too. Scuba dive in Guanacaste, where you’ll learn the basic skills you need to dive, with a professional instructor guiding and assisting you when necessary. Before each of the two dives, experts will explain the maximum depth, geographic location of the site, and inform you about some of the marine life you’ll see below. After all, 70% of the world is underwater, so isn’t it time you saw some of it?  

Heat up in the Hot Springs

We know you want to make the most of your trip, but all this exploring can be taxing. Lucky for you, you can combine adrenaline and relaxation during a day trip from San Jose. Experience Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica’s most active volcano, from a safe viewing distance, of course. Keep an eye out for lava flows, clouds of smoke or ash as your guide tells you about the park’s thermal features, then you’re off to Baldi Hot Springs Hotel and Spa. Soak in the thermal baths and mineral pools for a natural, rejuvenating experience. The family-friendly spa boasts pools of varying temperatures, allowing for travelers of all ages to enjoy a therapeutic afternoon.

After an exciting day, you’ll be ready for a great night’s sleep. Check out the spacious and elegant accommodations offered through Vacations by Marriott, then book your next stay in Guanacaste, Herradura, San Jose or Alajuela, Costa Rica.