A colorful oasis sits pristine on the island of Bonaire. Courtyard Bonaire Dive Resort stands out for its vibrant casitas and equally vivacious rooms featuring aqua blue backdrops, the best of modern technology and showers that make you feel like a vacation this good should never end.

From the well-stocked bar down to the sparkling blue infinity pool, this hotel truly has it all. And hey, if you’re finding it hard to stray from your daily routine, the hotel also features a well-appointed fitness center. But be sure to dip back into relaxation with a soak in the hot tub under the Caribbean night sky.

What else sets this unique hotel apart from the rest is beyond just the brightly painted architecture. This hotel offers the only infinity pool on the island, which overlooks a lagoon. Traveling to and from the hotel is made easy thanks to the free shuttle service, while bliss is left up to the hands of the professionals—quite literally. The hotel features a massage room, so you can rub out those kinks after a long day of snorkeling with the ocean critters. From an al fresco communal-style dinner to a more eloquent evening dining on the Dive Dock, you will experience nothing short of satisfaction. And, we haven’t even covered the best part.

Aside from land sailing, wind surfing and other outdoor activities, this hotel in particular features one of the friendliest dive centers on the island. “Dive Friends Bonaire is a friendly organization with a super friendly and accommodating staff,” says General Manager, Bart Linders. With over 100 dive sites, you’ll be able to peak into a snorkeler’s paradise, an underwater world filled with natural riches, spectacular reefs and crystal-clear water.

Dive Friends also features multiple destinations, so you can challenge your range of depth. “Dive Friends in general is a dive center that creates a lot of flexibility. So, once you sign into one location, you have access to all seven,” says Linder. You can begin your dive journey with 1,000 steps which features shore diving with pogoda-like formations of star coral and reef creatures. If you want to swim with the turtles, head to Karpata, a dive destination featuring scenic diving with hard corals. You can also venture into Forest, a dive spot featuring a large cave and fern-like black coral that support its green moray eels, loggerhead sea turtles and nurse sharks.

Plunge even deeper at Hilma Hooker, a deep dive site with an internationally known shipwreck dating back to 1984. If you want to play it safe, head to the Invisibles. Known as a favorite among fellow divers, this one features a twin reed and end of the line reef, and is filled to the brim with schooling fish, bigeye jacks and barracudas. However, if all that sounds like too much, the Salt Pier is the perfect place for easy entry for new divers and welcomes camera lovers with its photogenic scenery. “We are really open to everybody and their experience, and we try to send out that message,” states Linder.

No matter what adventure you choose, you can also lend your vacation time to conquering some courses and certificates. Extend your knowledge with a Nitrogen Certification or challenge yourself with an Advanced Open Water Course. You can then wrap up your experience with a Sea Turtle Talk, Clean-Up Dive and Debris-Free Bonaire. This dive center in particular makes the effort to keep the environment clean. “We do coral reef clean-up. That is something that we really do care about and we fully stand behind that. We try to clean up what is in the ocean but also put a lot of effort into not letting things get in the ocean.”

Courtyard Bonaire Dive Resort invites you to go to places you’ve never been. Pack the coconut-flavored balm and your favorite swim gear for a Caribbean adventure worth exploring. Ready to experience the best of diving in the Caribbean? Reserve a stay at Courtyard Bonaire Dive Resort with Vacations by Marriott and discover exclusive savings when you book your accommodations, airfare and transportation all in one place!