Looking to book an affordable vacation for the second half of the year? Now is the perfect time to start planning and here are some fantastic, reasonably-priced options for summer through winter.

Summer Bargains

Aruba and Curacao are ideal summer havens. Many travelers don’t know that – unlike other Caribbean destinations – Aruba and Curacao are located outside the usual hurricane track. For some travelers, this makes them more attractive on a year-round basis than other Caribbean islands might be. Of all potential Caribbean vacation packages, Curacao vacations and Aruba vacations in particular tend to offer very attractive pricing throughout the summer months.

Late Summer - Early Fall Trips

After August 20, families are generally headed home and kids are getting ready to go back to school. And this is when Hawaii vacation packages tend to be most economical. September and October are some of the best times of the year to visit the Hawaiian Islands, with “shoulder season” airfares and good hotel deals on all four major islands. By the way, the same sort of thing happens in Europe around the exact same time. September and October are great times to take advantage of our Europe vacation packages - the air is crisp and the busy summer season is firmly in the rear-view.

Fall - Winter Savings

By November 1, hurricane season has generally wound down and pre-holiday discount and/or added value offers are usually available throughout popular Caribbean destinations (think St. Thomas, Puerto Rico, Grand Cayman, St. Kitts). Mexico vacation packages are also usually available. (Cancun, Puerto Vallarta). If you avoid Thanksgiving Week and the Christmas/New Year period, and it’s not too hard to find some very good Florida vacation packages. And, don’t forget South Florida – November is a fantastic time to take a vacation to Florida! Much of the humidity has been stripped out of the air, the skies are generally blue and the waters are still nice and warm!