So nice they named it twice, Bora Bora beams with beauty and boundless turquoise waters that have travelers lusting before they’ve even landed at the airport. Whether you’re coming to the stunning lagoon in search of romance or to refresh your spirit, you’ll find there’s something about the soft white sands and mesmerizing peaks and valleys of this French Polynesian favorite that livens your senses long after you’ve returned inland.

Make the most of your escape to one of the most beautiful islands in the world with these tips:

1. Snorkel in the Aquarium: Come face to face with the tropical fish that further animate Bora Bora’s pastel-colored coral at this famous snorkeling spot, commonly referred to as the “Aquarium.” This underwater oasis is off the southern end of Motu Piti Aau and Motu Piti Uta and can only be accessed by boat.

2. Say “yes” to sharks and stingrays: Yes, you read that right. Elevate your adventures when you sign up for a snorkeling safari where you’ll see sharks being fed and swim next to stingrays.

3. Make your way to Mount Otemanu: Take a break from your bathing suit and spend an afternoon admiring Bora Bora’s famous peak. Whether you choose to go hiking or climbing, or treat yourself to a helicopter tour, you’re in for some unrivaled views.

4. Get a seat at Bloody Mary’s: We’re not talking about the cocktail. This popular restaurant and bar, opened in 1979, is a favorite for Bora Bora tourists and locals alike and has a wall of former celebrity guests to prove it. Grab a bite at lunch, or get in line for the dinner buffet and enjoy the daily catch in addition to a feast of fresh shrimp, lobster and more.      

5. Scuba dive in the “manta ray ballet”: While Bora Bora offers a variety of exciting destinations for experienced divers, Anau is an unrivaled scene when it comes to spotting manta rays. Dive alongside the gentle giants in the deep area of the lagoon.

6. Be your own boat captain: Explore the beauty of Bora Bora’s lagoon at your own pace when you rent a pontoon boat and take a self-guided tour around the island.

7. Explore the rainforest via ATV: Prepare for panoramic views of the turquois lagoon by signing up for an ATV tour starting at Matira Point. You’ll experience sights including Mount Otemanu, Povai Bay, Motu Toopua and the neighboring islands of Raiatea and Le Tahaa.

8. Tap your feet to a Tahitian show: Get a taste of the ancient culture in a fun, fast-paced fashion when you attend one of the traditional dance performances held at many of Bora Bora’s resorts. The majority of the shows include a festive feast, so you can indulge while you enjoy the entertainment. 

9. Go on an underwater scooter ride: Commonly referred to as an aquabike or personal submarine scooter, this one-of-a-kind activity allows you to effortlessly cruise around underwater. An experienced diver will accompany you and give you a front-row seat to unique marine life and fish feedings.    

10. Sleep where you swim: Experiencing the full allure of the island is effortless when you upgrade to an overwater accommodation. The St. Regis Bora Bora Resort and Le Méridien Bora Bora are two of the area’s most celebrated resorts with Tahitian-inspired villas and bungalows featuring glass panel floors to view underwater life in addition to private staircases that lead you straight into the ocean.

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