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Book an exhilarating trip across the pond with our European vacation packages. Choose from places like London, Italy, Paris, Amsterdam, Germany and more.

Europe’s long history, great food and beautiful scenery provide the perfect variety of attractions for all types of travelers. From taking in the breath-taking view of Paris from the top of the Eiffel Tower, standing in the same place that a gladiator once stood in Rome’s Coliseum, observing the Changing of the Guard at London’s Buckingham Palace, or shooting down the slopes on skis in the Swiss Alps, there are unlimited opportunities when you explore our Europe vacations.

Paris is home to many of Europe’s most famous landmarks from the Eifel Tower to the Arc de Triumph to the Louvre and over 15 Marriott Hotels conveniently located throughout the city. Take a look at our Paris vacation packages to start building your trip. Beyond Paris, France is famous for its significant wine production in regions such as Rhone, Bordeaux and Champagne and its beautiful waterfront towns in the South of France such as the dazzling Nice and Saint Tropez.

Right across the British Channel is the United Kingdom, home to another favorite European city: London. The list of must-see London attractions could go on forever, but favorites for most visitors include the London Eye, The Tower of London, Big Ben and the Palace of Westminster, and the Westminster Abbey. You can read more and test your knowledge of the European city by taking our London Quiz.

With an incredible mix of history, art and culture, England, as an English speaking nation, is a great European get-away for foreign travelers. An easy add-on trip to the United Kingdom is the island nation of Ireland, with the fun-loving city Dublin as its capital.

Rome is a brilliant city for the ultimate history buff. Once the capital of the ancient Roman Empire, Rome is home to incredible remains, including the Roman Forum, the massive Coliseum, the ancient aqueduct system, and the Pantheon temple. Italy serves as an ancient art Mecca and features museums like the Uffizi gallery in Florence, Rome’s Vatican Museums, and the Accademia in Venice – the Renaissance city built on water. Our Italy vacations await!

Whether looking for hiking or skiing or fondue, Switzerland offers it all. Switzerland offers nature at its finest. Additionally, Switzerland houses nearly 10 Marriott Hotels. Switzerland is also famous for its beautiful lakes, including Lake Geneva, Lake Zurich, Lake Lucerne, and quite a few others offering a wide variety of summertime excursions. Whether travelling in the fall, spring, winter or summer, Switzerland’s natural beauty will not disappoint.

In addition to Europe’s most busy and popular cities, smaller cities and towns throughout the continent offer culture and sights beyond belief. Travelers should consider places like Copenhagen, Denmark; Budapest, Hungary; Berlin, Germany; Vienna, Austria; Prague, Czech Republic; and many others for some additional adventure knowing that there are Marriott Hotels from all different brands all along the way to ensure an incredible stay. And whatever your pleasure, Vacations by Marriott is here to help you decide on one of our European vacation packages for memories of a lifetime.