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China's history literally spans thousands of years, and the country's traditions run as deep as any country on earth.  The contrast between new and old astonishes and intrigues. 

Marriott loves China! With nearly 100 hotels in all of China’s major cities and tons of China vacation packages to choose from, no matter where you travel in this massive country, Marriott has you covered. Highlight cities in China include Beijing, Shanghai, Xi’an, and Hong Kong. These cities offer the perfect fusion of culture and history and allow travelers to be engulfed in the fascinating Chinese world. Let Marriott guide you through your time in Asia and enjoy the best Chinese vacation possible.

Beijing is China’s magnificent, bustling capital and home to an incredible array of ancient attractions. For starters, Beijing is one of the prime places to access the 5,500 mile long Great Wall of China, one of the most famous ancient wonders of the world. The Forbidden City is also located in Beijing. The Forbidden City was the Chinese imperial palace from years 1420 through 1912 and is a must-see attraction right in the center of the city. Another favorite palace is the Summer Palace located on a serene lake with beautiful gardens that the Chinese dynasties enjoyed starting in 1153. Other ancient attractions include the Temple of Heaven, Tiananmen Square, the Beihai Park, and the Ming tombs. For some more modern marvels check out the gorgeous National Centre for the Performing Arts and sights from the 2008 Beijing Olympics including the Beijing National Stadium and the Beijing National Aquatics Center.

Shanghai is the largest city in China, located on the central coast; the city is the global finance capital of the country and home to some great tourist attractions. Visitors to Shanghai cannot miss out on the 1,535-foot Oriental Pearl Tower which hosts a magnificent view of the city. Another famous, and recently constructed, tall structure that the city hosts is the Shanghai Tower, which stands tall at 2,073 feet. There is also a large public square in the Huangpu District called People’s Square, which is worth touring around. Additional popular attractions in Shanghai include, the Yu Garden, the Jade Buddha Temple, the Longhua Temple, the Shanghai Museum, the City of God Temple and for those looking for some more classic “American-style” fun, the Chinese Disneyland at Shanghai.

One of China’s most famous and recognizable symbols is the terracotta warrior. Xi’an is home to those thousands and thousands of life-size, hand molded figures. The entire army was buried in 210BC with China’s first emperor, Qin Shi Huang to protect him in the afterlife. Since the “army” was buried underground, many of the soldiers were well preserved and have been brought back to life through archaeological digs and are now on display for visits. Another great thing to do in Xi’an is to walk or bike around the Xi’an City Wall, which runs the entire length around the city and offers magnificent views.

Another major city in China, which actually operates as autonomous region, is the former British colony of Hong Kong. Hong Kong is a major port and financial center, which is densely populated and certainly offers a lot to travelers. Victoria Peak hosts incredible views of this massive metropolis as well as the Ngong Ping 360 cable cars. Lantau Island is also a must-see stop for visitors to Hong Kong, home to the massive Big Buddha, the Wisdom Path, and other top attractions. Additional Hong Kong hotspots include the Man Mo Temple, the huge Clock Tower, the Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery and some of the best dining in all of China. Be sure to do your research for top restaurants to enjoy the best food that Hong Kong has to offer.

China is a huge country with endless opportunities for travel, let Marriott lead you on your incredible Chinese adventure through this exciting nation of rich history and culture.