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Whether you're looking for relaxation or adventure, Bali has plenty to offer.  Visitors enjoy the island's white sand beaches, surfing, diving, wildlife and rich culture.  

With fantastic Marriott hotels in Bali, this island escape is the perfect Southeast Asian vacation destination for you and your family. Bail is famous for two things: its beaches and its temples. With Vacations by Marriott’s Bali vacation packages, you get to explore the island paradise, home of the Tirta Empul Temple, the Uluwatu Temple, the Tanah Lot Temple, Sanur Beach and many other quaint villages and scenic destinations.

The Tirta Empul Temple serves as an active prayer site for Balinese Hindus and offers serenity unlike any other temple in Bali. The center of this serenity lies at the complex’s center where there is a large rectangular pool; here, you will see worshipers actually entering the pool to pray. Another favorite temple is the Uluwatu. Travelers rave about how this incredible temple is perched cliff-side and features stunning architecture. As you look out at the waves crashing 200-feet below you, keep your eyes open for the monkey population which resides at this temple and often causes harmless mischief.

Snapping a picture of the magnificent Tanah Lot Temple is a must-do while in Bali. This temple sits on a huge jagged rock that sits in the ocean and can only be reached at low tide. Non-residents of Bali are not permitted to enter the temple, but it is absolutely still worth going to take a look and if you are there at low-tide you can be blessed by the monks outside of the actual temple. One additional must-see Balinese temple is Besakih. Besakih Temple is the island’s largest and has nearly 20 beautifully constructed structures. The temple’s prime location allows visitors a panoramic view of the lush local countryside.

Kuta is regarded as Bali’s most popular beach town. Kuta lives up to this reputation with bars, restaurants, shops, and even a water park. The many miles of sandy shores are perfect for sunbathers, surfers, and swimmers alike. Although Kuta is not the hidden private beach that many visitors are searching for in Bali, it is definitely an experience and worth taking the time to explore.

Bali’s most accessible beach is Sanur, and it is great for families! Sanur offers soft sand and gentle surf with a less rowdy crowd than Kuta. There is also a cute boardwalk along the waterfront. The proximity of the waterfront hosts some great eateries so that visitors can enjoy a quick bite by the sea.

Those looking for the highest in Balinese luxury must visit the seaside village of Jimbaran. Jimbaran was once a quiet fishing village but over the past several decades has been expanded to house some of Bali’s best seafood and sandy shores. If you are looking for an incredible oceanfront meal, Jimbaran is the place to do it. Be sure to get down to the beach for sunset and an unforgettable evening.

Although Bali is beach-central, there is more to do than just sunbathe. Kintamani offers travelers a chance to get their blood flowing: visitors can hike Mount Batur – an active volcano – or view the towering mountain from the lake on a boat tour. Located on the island’s northeastern coast, Kimtamani is an overall gorgeous region that offers magnificent and unique experiences.

You can get an even better idea of how to spend five unforgettable days in Bali with our sample itinerary. Whether looking for culture or relaxation, or a combination of both, Bali is an incredible and exotic escape for everyone. So let Marriott host you along the way as your enjoy your Bali vacation package!