Sunsets, Sightseeing and Sol: These Mexico Destinations Will Have You Coming Back for More

posted on Monday, May 20, 2019 at 7:51:50 PM

Beach with Palm Trees Yucatan Mexico

In Mexico, they measure their restaurants on a scale of Bueno, Barato and Bonito. It just rolls off the tongue, so you don’t care to question what it means – it just sounds good. Bonito? Perfect! But if you must know, they stand for: good, cheap and nice (or pretty). While this is a good barometer for deciding on where you’re going to get your daily dose of Chilaquiles, Mexico offers an immeasurable world of beauty too profound to rate on a scale.

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Travel Resolutions: New Year, New Destination, New You

posted on Monday, January 28, 2019 at 5:53:17 PM

Daintree National Park Australia

A new year warrants many changes. Eating better, working out more and hopefully making it past the first chapter of a book is among many of the resolutions you might have made for this year. However, nothing says “new year, new me” like making blissful memories during a vacation spent in a destination you’ve never been before. I hope your resolutions call for beach-side cocktails, captivating coliseums and lazy lagoons because we’re adding Athens, Mauritius, Port Douglas, Malta and Cozumel to your list of something new.

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